once again
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2001-12-08 23:10:37 (UTC)

I'm sorry

Whomever left me that nice message is wrong. I have a 2
year history with Shawn and we are in love. I just live
far away. You don't have room to pass judgement on me like
that. You should have read more entries. He's moving
here to be with me and we are working things out.
I called him today. We got into a fight this morning
because he didn't call back when he said he would. I was
really rude but he called me again and I apologized and
we're better. I miss him and I'm homesick. I really wish
he was with me right now but he keeps promising me he will
be soon. He working on getting a job now. That's good but
I don't know if I can wait that long. might give up and
go back. That's the wrong thing to do but I 'm not happy
right now.