Joshin Jane

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2001-12-08 22:46:15 (UTC)


there's this craze to finish senior pages.
yeah, i guess they were due about a month ago, but who can
possibly be sentimental until they are on the brink of
having their senior page adorned with images of the pond.
i had this sinking thought, as i was changing my profile
this morning, that i'm going to be one of those people who
won't have anything funny to say.
i'll be in the library, the morning we leave for winter
break, making up inside jokes and quotes because i will
have forgetten all the real memories.
so here's a new masha tradition.
i'm saving my jokes.
so i can keep those memories forever and you can be lazy
and never bother reading my profile ever again.
you ready?
here goes.

g-land: x days
puerto rican white whale
nice camel
size x trousers
when anita and i are 40-year-old men
pie in my cup
squashing the erics
deer burgers
ass! i got that test wrong!
buns, poo, bich, mmmkay
the trav/casey dream
library bondage
are we high? wait, let me check...nope!
bennett, you have two brain cells and they fight...
lazy lights in the reading room
punk rock thong
wait...are you pregnant?
moo moo and cannibal
egg salad
"people hate me" vs. "look, someone made me a sandwich!"

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