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2001-12-08 22:31:13 (UTC)

Hell below stars above****

So I just finished watching this documentary on life on
other planets. I was aware that either Saturn or Jupiter
has a moon Titan...It's Saturn I believe...that has all the
elements needed to have life...scientists believe that
Titan looks like Earth did right before life was
created....well anyway... They were talking about how a
satellite had sensed something going on under the crust of
the moon, and that it could indicate that there is a form
of life living underground...
Also, until recently, scientists have been unable to prove
that OTHER stars have planets revolving around them. The
telescopes we have today can only see the stars, not the
planets...But because of the doppler effect they can tell
when stars have large Jupiter size planets revolving around
them..because from far away...the stars appear to
wobble...They found out through looking for a way to see if
there are planets revolving around stars that there is
indeed a set pattern to planets forming...proving that the
universe has set rules ....just like the rules of nature on
Earth. ....So..really...planets are like trees...there are
plenty of different types of trees but each species of
trees has set elements that will ALWAYS be in that that way....This made me think of life. If there
is indeed life on other planets (which I'm sure there
is...) and there is a set pattern to life...I think there
must be a set pattern for evolution and for life in
general. Everyone is so set on the idea of aliens being
strange scary creatures, unlike any we have ever seen...but
my theory is...with this set pattern to do we
know that we're not just going to find the same life as we
have on Earth ....that woudl be scary..then I started
thinking..if there is a set pattern to life..there would be
a set pattern to really..any other planet
with life on it would be the same as ours...but in a
different spot as far as evolution ..I'm waiting for the
day that we find a different solar
system..then there is always that question..if everything
is so planned we live *we as in you...or
persoN* in a different dimension...what I'm trying to say
with that not literally a different dimension ..I'm
jsut saying that if this is REALLY a set process...ME,
Kelly...would exist some where else as the same
person...DNAwise at least...So the universe could just be a
huge pattern of different states of
evolution ....How scary would it be...if the day came where
we did find life and it was our own ..???
This theory would also explain those little gray men we
call aliens..there is so much evidence pointing to their
existence...and so much evidence pointing to our government
knowing..and not telling...I can understand why they
wouldn't though..with all the mass hysteria and
paranoia ....I can understand. But what if these beings are
just more evolved humans....just as monkeys are to
humans... humans are to these gray beings...Just a thought.
I'm just saying how ironic would that all be....