2001-12-08 22:11:20 (UTC)


at least that is what people are saying that I am right
now, but am I desparate??....NO, I'm not desparate, I'm
happy with my life right now there are just a few changes I
would like to make. Am I desparate enough to go out with
someone or spend time with someone just because they want
something...HECK NO!!!!!! I'm not a slut and I'm no where
close to becoming one...I'm not desparate just lonely, and
if you don't know the difference between the two then its
your problem not mine....so therefore if you are someone I
know from home or something like that and are being nosy
just wanting to know what is going on in my life without
talking to me then maybe you should get a clue and talk to
me before you draw conclusions about my life. Do I care
what you think??..not really cause if you don't care enough
to ask or to at least talk to me every once in a
while...then what should your thoughts matter to me.
Anyway, I have to finish cramming for an exam then after
the exam I'm headed to the Clemson vs. USC basketball game
where I will have an awesome time!!!! OH yeah just a
little addition...I was invited to rush with Kappa Kappa
Psi, so I'm going to be so busy but so happy next
semester...I hope everyone out there has a good day! And
if you have any questions about my entry ask me personally
instead of going to one of my friends (or people that i
used to know) ...bye bye for now!!!!