Life of a rockstar....NOT!
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2001-12-08 21:38:55 (UTC)

What's the point?

Sometimes I wonder what the point of life and everything in
life is. But when these times come, I guess I just need to
try and remember that everything happens for a reason, and
not to take advantage of anything, because you never know
when it will suddenly be over. I've been thinking a lot
lately, and I think that one of things that really keeps me
going is God, because just thinking about all of the good
things that he has done for me. But I still don't like it
sometimes because I wish everything could just stay the
same way it is when things are going really good. That
sounds really nieve, but yah everyone wishes that. Right
now, the thing I'm worried about is the dance at school on
Saturday. All of my friends are going, but I'm not really
sure if I want to go or not because most everyone will be
there with their boyfriends and I will just look like a
stupid freak cuz everyone knows that I'm just recently
single again. All I know, is that I really hope that
someone likes me and is going to tell me soon, because that
is just the thing I love the most in life, having a
boyfriend. Well, actually scratch that, friends are the #1
BEST THING, but I think that I am just in love with the
idea of being in love. I like the idea of someone liking me
for who I am, and wanting to be with me all of the time,
and ya, well, kissing is I guess I will just have
to wait my turn and see where life takes me. If anyone has
any advice send me feedback!