My Boring Messed Up Life
2001-12-08 21:36:33 (UTC)

Hey Hey~ Just got home from a..

Hey Hey~
Just got home from a volleyball tournament. We tied for 2nd
place, which is really good for our first game. We have
another game monday. Well anyways last night I went to the
varsity b-ball game and hung out with Kris and everyone.
Afterwards we went to the dance. That was pretty fun i
guess. Most of the time me, kris, kim, manda, mary and
everyone else just sat down during the slow songs. But Kris
actually asked me to dance. I do like him again. I told him
too. He said it's cool, but ya know its weird liking my
best friend. I hope he doesnt act any different around me
then usual. Then I would hate myself. Well anyways.... g2g
Later Gator

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