vampire in shadows

Pennys world
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2001-12-08 21:02:34 (UTC)

Why can't they get it???

I just want to be alone, to read my book and to cry. To
curl up on my bed in the dim light and sob for all I feel.
Right now alls I want is to cry for all the pain I feel. I
feel love for everyone, good or bad, weather I know them or
not, I feel for them. And I can't take this. I need to talk
to Bones, but he is to wear to be found since I told him I
was dropping out of society for a bit simply because I need
to felt appreashiate from all who talk to me on a dayly
basses. I wished he were hear now so I could hug him
tightly and just sob and for him to just hold me, to kiss
me softly and tell me its ok. I miss talking to him. I'm
not going to see him again until May.. I don't know if I
can last.

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