Life of a rockstar....NOT!
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2001-12-08 20:54:59 (UTC)


Ya, well let's see, what was I supposed to do? Oh ya, last
night. Well, me and mandy and sam and jewlz went to the
basketball game against EP, we won! yay! And then we went
to meet some friends(more like our grade lol) at the
bowling alley for midnight bowling. Well, it was gunna cost
us 10.50 to get in and bowl and get shoes, and we didn't
wanna bowl, so the lady still made us pay $3 just to get in
and hang out with our friends. So, ya, we were just doing
the normal stuff, hanging out, talking, flirting, and
dancing, when all of the sudden the lady came up to me and
jewlz and told us that we had to leave because we were down
on the floor! We were like, well we arent bowling and we
paid to hang out, so were gunna hang out with our friends.
But she told us we had to leave so we were just like fuck
this...and we went outside. Then, she came outside and told
us that we had to come back in! She was like well, I'll
tell you when your ride gets here, so we had to sit on the
frickin benches and then all of our friends came over and
were like all cussin her out and stuff, they seemed to be
more pissed off than we were about it. Then, finally, we
were just like okay well she can't make us stay here, so we
were leavin to go the McDonald's parking lot, but mandy's
mom came, so we left. Yes, yes, quite a hilarious
adventure. It was great. That lady is such a bitch though,
it was just hilarious now like evryone knows and they are
like ya were gunna rebel against the bowling alley!lol.
Sooo funny. Well, ya you are probably bored right about
now, just like me. So far today, I went to the brick oven
with mandy and jewlz and kara. It was a blast. We had so
much fun. Then I had to clean,ugh, and in a few hours I
have to go and babysit..woohoo. But I think sam is coming
with me so it should be fun! I guess that's all for now,


Oh ya, right now I'm going crazy cuz my buddy whit just
told me that she has something big to tell me, but then she
had to get offline, so I guess she's writing it in a note
and giving it to me on monday...oh crap! I'm not gunna be
there dammit! I guess I'll just have to