"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-12-08 20:33:13 (UTC)

I'm Back

Well... I haevnt been here in a while but I have been
tired and all that other good stuff. My life has went
fairly well the past however long it has been since I wrote
in here the thing I remeber that first happen since i
havent updated is I think Chad and Tiffani broke up I'm
sorry to say but I'm Glad they did. I can't really explain
why but I am. Then last night Tiffani, C.J., Sarah and
sarah sister Amy. Amy she gets into that harry potter
stuff. She crack me up some. The movie was pretty good
but some of it I paid attendtion to Tiffani well maybe
distracted is the word maybe but anyway you know what i am
talking about Tiffani? That little girl was cute. There
was this girl about 2 or soemthing and she kept looking
over the seat and I would wave and she turn back around.
She crack me up. I hope we go back to the movie again
sometime cuz it was fun. But for now I am going to go i am
very tired( i will explain later)#3

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