a little piece of me
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2001-12-08 20:11:20 (UTC)

lettin loose

hehe. it's now almost 2 in the afternoon, and i'm just
getting up. how wonderful to have actually gotten a decent
nights sleep. from sunday to thursday nights, i had a
total of 16 hours of sleep. that is not enough to function
properly! last night was our little christmas party. lots
of fun indeed. it started out with a run to the liquor
store :D. one friend ,elizabeth, and i went in on a bottle
of seagrams 7 (whiskey). we each also got some wine
coolers and stuff like that. we opened presents when we
got back, which was so fun. i just loved their faces when
they opened up their presents. elizabeth screamed when she
got hers (it was a little 'smores' reindeer--jessie told me
she liked them). it's an ornament. kinda cute, as far as
cute goes. i got jessie the book (play) 'a raisin in the
sun'...long silly story behind that one! turns out, she
had been trying to find a copy for me too!!! it was too
funny! i also got her that panda, which she went nuts
over. elizabeth got me a stuffed leopard (matches my
decor) and jessie got me this fuzzy blanket with a tiger on
it (i had been looking at it at walmart one day while she
was with me...i never expected her to remember, let alone
buy it!). i'm always cold, plus i love animals, so she got
it. i about kicked her ass for that one, cause i know it
wasn't cheap. they both spent too much, actually. there
were others there, but they just got cards :D. then the
drinking began. i threw back a few wine coolers fairly
quickly. then i took a good sized shot of the seagrams (we
have kind of a tradition...must take shots of all new
things...new being never tried it before). so i took a
shot, and it was nasty! lol. then elizabeth and i mixed
it with sprite. still kinda gross, but we were going for
drunk. that did the trick :D we were playing drinking
games and stuff, and elizabeth and i were getting pretty
toasted. it was fun. ty, elizabeth's cousin, was getting
pretty drunk, too. he's really funny when he's drunk.
hehe..he lined up all of our bottles/cans/cups/etc and took
a pic. there was a lot of stuff there! it was funny. i
quit drinking for a while cause i had to drive home. then
they brought out the junk food, which was such a bad idea.
i had some doritoes and twizzlers, which really helped
sober me up a little, but boy does my stomach hurt now. i
was still buzzin just a little by the time i left, but i
was perfectly fine for driving (no way in hell would i get
behind the wheel if i had been as drunk as i was earlier).
made it home with no problems. totally crashed when i got
here. slept like a log! it was great!

so that was my fun and exciting evening. unfortunately,
today i have to get my ass in gear and get some work done.
i brought my painting home to finish, and i need to do so.
ugh. it's aweful. just as long as it's done, i don't
care. anyway, that's all for today.