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2001-12-08 20:01:17 (UTC)

ok so this is my first entry. i..

ok so this is my first entry. i figure i better
introduce myself so you get the hint of who you're reading
about. i'm 14 and live in the boring state of ohio. i
like to do anything that sounds even the slightest bit
fun. i love to laugh, especially at a good joke. i don't
like to put other people down like those who get put down
enogh by thousands of people who don't even know them for
example gays. i'm myself am not but i do have a few
friends who are and if you have a propblem with that then
you might as well stop reading this diary now.
many of you have probably read my cousins diary and if
you have then when you read on you will know exactly what
it is i'm talking about. see i would tell you which one
belonged to him but he won't give me his diary name. now
when i was at my best friend's house who happens to be my
cosin's girlfriend i read part of his diary and it said
that i was jelous of them for what they have. it's not
true infact i am extremely happy for kat because she needs
somebody who will treat her right. zach and i don't always
get along but i do know that he is a great guy and will
take good care of her and appreciate her the way she
deserves. that incident on the way home in the car i have
to admit i have nothing to say that will redeem my actions
because what i did was very innappropriate. what i do know
is that the guy i was doing so with is gone. i still wish
that i had listened to my friends and family and realized
that he was a jerk. on a lighter note there's a new guy
that i really like. i've liked him since the summer when
we were on a swimteam together. i still am chicken shit to
do anything about it but i try to give him the clues here
and there. his name is jason he's sixteen and really
really cute. he has a great attitude and sense of humor.
well now that i have probably bored you to death about my
absolutely boring life i'm going to let you go on to more
interesting diaries.
a a o o
r w