I love skaters
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2001-12-08 19:53:19 (UTC)


YES! 2 hotel gig's in one day! SCORE! We're rock stars
already! I could love it! hehe, old man got us on tape...
HOW LOVELY IS THAT! He's probably from 'Arkansas' (haha)...
YAY... We're gona be big in Arkansas!

Today I'm home alone!

*I'm Never kissing a boy in my life! I'MMA VIRGIN
KISSER! "My first kiss is gonna be on my wedding day!"
*How can XXX be so great? I'm NEVER gonna do it!!!!
*"I wish i had a guy best friend, then it could be like 'if
we're still single in 10 years, let's marry each other'"

TAG ON SKATES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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