Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-12-08 18:28:40 (UTC)

If ya haven't noticed....

yeah, I have turned into a gimp, its kinda funny, but dont
call me a gimp, call me hop-a-long, sonjia is gimpy, or
gimp... its funny. I went to the doctors on wed. and they
found something wrong with not only my right knee, but my
left one too, so I paid $55 to go to a doctor so he can
recomend me to another one, so thursday i get to go to an
orthopedics... I really hate doctors, esspecially w hen
they walk in and ask "how are you doing", thats when i
say, "I am sitting in a cold bench in a small little
doctors room, and you ask how i am doing? I am fine, I just
came here for a little chat, yeah, i figured that 55$ was
nothing to pay to talk to a wonderful person like you, ohh
no, that little leg thing, those sharp pains are nothing,
lets talk, so how do you feel about this weather!?" and
then my doctor asked me how my knee felt, and didnt listen
to what i had to say, i suppose that is lucky for him,
because i had the perfect awnser too, "give me 3 knives and
your knee cap and i will show you how it feels."

okay, well thats all, ta ta.


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