shay files
2001-12-08 18:21:57 (UTC)

feeling good about myself

im starting to be more self confident. i have been on my
healthy diet for two weeks now which is the longest i have
ever been commited to losing weight. i have lost a total of
4 pounds and im very proud of myself. i excersise 3 times a
week to advanced tae bo! and i dont eat sweets or fats. and
i cut out snacks. i just feel so good that im doing this for
myself. i have wanted to be fit and thin and not feel fat
for pretty much my whole life and im finally making
something out of it im changing my ways and becoming
healthy. i want to be fit by spring or summer! and i know
that i can do it. yesterday i went to the school social and
it was pretty boring. i like this guy billy and he is soo
nice but he is really shy and wont talk that much but i gota
try to get him to cuz i like him a lot! well im gonna go bye