Sporty Tomboy

2001-12-08 17:18:12 (UTC)

theres a place inside my mind yah a place you'll never find

singing in the post office is fun. i love santa claus he is
big and jolly and i love him. he is so much fun and gives
you everything you want. what a awesome guy and he rides
with reindeer and looks at this booty all day. i wish i was
santa claus cuz then i could have a party all the time and
elves around me how fun. short people are the bestest i
tell ya! i like rudolph the red nosed reindeer cuz i can
sing sound effects loud in the post office and entertain
peoples with yelhsa. yay! funnessity! yelhsa is the funnest
person in the world thats what makes her my bestest friend
i love ya :) your the bestest. and we are talking to each
other on the computer when we're sitting right next to each
other which is making me laugh soo hard hahah this is too
fun! she has a webcam which is fun to play with cuz you can
make faces at yourself and other random people who happen
to be looking at you! AHHHHHH! well i like this this is fun
and life is great!!! omg yelhsa said something "supposedly
harmless" to me and i spit out my soda all over her floor! hahahah
omg i laugh too hard when im here i swear hahah well anyways i must
say something to my special true love... dru i love you soooo much
your the greatest boyfriend i could ever ask for and im sooo happy
youve made my life the greatest it could ever be and thank
you im so in love with you :)

***Libbalicious Licky Libby is goneeeeee

ohhh quote time from yelhsa's house "HE LIKES IT SKIN UP!!" *spits
soda all over againnnnn*