All in the Night
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2001-12-08 17:09:58 (UTC)

Very UN-Christmas like

OK, i don't about other places, but here in big ol NC, it's
been like 70 for the past two weeks....I mean give me some
cold weather! It's almost Christmas for goodness sake! I
just thought about his because i have a Christmas parade in
about an hour....we had one last week and it was way too
hot (like 75) but this week it's only about 65. So
anyways, last night Sarah and Cj and Andrew and Sarah's
little Sister Amy all went to go see Harry Potter...It was
actually a pretty good movie. Well, for the most part, i
think i got distracted by a certain person a couple of
times...oh well i can't object to that! Right Andrew???
OK so la-di-da-di-da, then we went to the Superwalmart and
almost got KICKED OUT b/c we were acting so stupid! Cj was
like throwing toilet paper packs at us and some people
started yelling at us to leave...so then we went home and i
talked to Chad for the first time sinc eour little
arguement. So anyways he was like driving up to some
parking lot and all i could do was laugh b/c Amanda was
with him and he made her go pee in the woods...you'd just
have to be there to hear them arguing to get the full
effect of how funny it was. Ummm... ended up getting up
REALLY early this morning to go help load fruit for
band...Andrew picked me up at about 7:45....yay....umm it
was kinda fun... we got to goof off alot. But anyways i
guess I'm out like the fat kid in dodgeball b/c i've got to
get ready for the parade!!!! Oh yeah, Ceige, i still dont'
know what i should do....CONFUSED! And Amanda, dont' worry
about getting into App. You will!

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