2001-12-08 16:49:45 (UTC)

What to do????

I have no clue how to handle things right now. I don't
want to be alone forever, but I can't just change how I
believe to be with someone who wants me to change
everything about me! For those of you wondering what the
heck I'm talking about, my confusing ex that told me the
other night to have fun with whoever I wanted to be with
and to just forget about him has come back once again!!!
Do I love him?...I don't know...Do I care about
him?...yes...Do I want to be with him right now?...I'm
really not sure...Is there someone else out there that I
would rather be with?...yes but I have no chance
whatsoever!!!!! I mean should I take some time off, should
I get back together with him, should I just forget about
everything and start all over???? What to do, what to

Well right now I can't worry about it, but feedback would
be nice (especially from those of you who are my best
friends and who I depend on). I have to go study for my
organic chemistry exam, but I will write back later!!!!
Have a good day!