even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-12-08 16:30:25 (UTC)

i wake up sick and tired... bleh..

so last night, i went to sleep while sam and joselin were
still here... i went to sleep thinking about boys, too.. it
was odd, for me at least.. the poetry reading was
cancelled, and ntohing really has changed since last night,
at all... i woke up at like 830 to mymom and the dogs and a
pohone ringing, and ntohing happened, it didn't get quiet,
no one closed my door, and i didn't really get back to
sleep... now its ten thirty and i woke up, but i tired
still.. and i slept with the windows open, and i guess a
cold front came through, so i woke up all snotty, and
tired, and cold... and mad that i couldn;t have slept
longer, and the funny thing is, moms dorr is closed, shes
back asleep and im not, when she told me yesterday, oh this
weekend, you can catch up on your sleep... but no.. and
just now, someone called, but hteyy didn't talk.. so,who
the fuck was it? blah, and my back hurts, i think im goign
to go lie down again, cau im sleepy...