Tinker Bell's daily amount of goofy
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2001-12-08 15:26:46 (UTC)

"Ever felt like dncing...?"

I'm having a swell time...I'm in the middle of my finals,
and yesterday, I got the best mark in the whole class for
D. Workshop (our most important subject); and although I
already screwed up a subject, I don't care, coz all the
others are piece of cake. Uni's gonna 'give me the work'
till Dec. 21st, when we get our final grades. Nifty...
I'm feeling alright now, coz I'm workin' on Kell's art
like right now, and I think I'll finish soon, according to
my schedule. I've seen the HP movie twice so far, and I'm
liking it more by the minute. And do I have loads of new HP
arts I wanna do!!! I got really inspired by that movie,
really. Good reference, too.