DayDream Believer
2001-12-08 14:40:52 (UTC)

Christmas Joy!!

Today everything is good.
Yesterday I missed my bus to the city, so I didnt get to go
ice skating, just shopping.
At first I was angry cause I had lost my bus, but then I
runed in to Kelly and A new friend of her from her class,
they where so cool and I got a lot of inspiration to do my
shopping aftherwards. We sat in a coffe bar and talked
about all and nothing like we had knew each other for ever.
When I got home, late, I was home alone and had to clean
the whole house, it tok about four hours!!!!
Afther midnight when I was finish and my famely had came
home, but went to bed, I went on the internet.
I was hoping to see Chris there but he wassnt, instead
Stian came and started to talk to me.
He was realy nice to me, I thought it was over, our time
had faded away, but.....
Wel I dont know, I try not to think to much about it.
This mornig I got up early, took the dogs out for a walk,
then my boss called, Bob. He was wondering if I could work
today and tomorrow, I said yes and we agred on that I
shuold come up and work afther I had done some more
On the bus back to the city I`d rememberd that I had
already promised Ms Lindsay that I would babysit J.T and
Christie Sunday. So I cant work then, but Im working now, I
love it!!
This morning I sendt a funny message to some friends of
mine, include Chris, and by my suprise he sendt me a
message to. It was hours later, cuz he had been sleeping,
he was wondering what I was doing. I told him that I was
shopping but would soon be working and told he to come. He
said yes, he should only get op from bed, but then send me
a new message, he had just realised that it was raining and
cold outside, so he rather stayed in bed.... I was like no,
you`re gonna come, but here I am, and he`s not....
To bad, but I guess you cant be lucy all day long.
I finaly got my self a Christmas dress, it wes so cool and
butiful, but I think the old part of my famely is gonna die
when they see me in it, lol. I brought a lot of cool
things and clothes yesterday and today:-)
But Christmas is the time to give, and Im gonna give away a
lot of great presents and love.
Tomorrow Im gonna be extra nice withw the Lindsly kids.
I would rather just be here and work, I love it here, and
I`ll get more mony, but Ms Lindsay asked first and that`s
how it works, exept when it comes to my great godson and my
sweet litte princess, they`re always my first priority.

*Lot`s of Chridtmas Love*
from Angel