2001-12-08 11:58:45 (UTC)


I find myself sitting in silence yet once again.I can only
begin to wonder ,what it is that I have done wrong
again.Inside thoughts brew,like the potions in a witches
cauldron.I despise these feelings inside....I wish they'd
just go away,vanish,never to return.
With each tiny careful step,another eggshell cracks...I
am trapped nowhere to move.Frozen ,I stand ...daring not to
breathe,not to move,not to speak.It doesnt matter what I do
or say....it will always and forever be wrong.
Worthless is all that I shall for now or in the future
ever be.This is alright though,for I know it and I accept
my constant state of worthlessness.Maybe a part of me
enjoys it....or needs it...or perhaps has to have it.Once
in awhile I wish that I was not so worthless.But we all
have wishes , hopes,and dreams.
Worthless may not be much to be....but at least it makes
me something......12/08/01 H.R.C