the truth for once
2001-12-08 09:11:47 (UTC)

Still Alive

I guess my first entry was a bit dark. But i'm not gonna
sit around and bullshit myself just because people might
read this. That would defeat the purpose. So, where am I
now? I've escaped the oppressive clouds in NYC and live in
the fresh air of country bars. Yuuck. Well as one might
imagine there really aren't too many people around here.
Fucking 3:53 am on a Friday night/Saturday morning. Went
out with two chicks from work. Rene, who's leaving, and
stacey the receptionist. Rene's boss came by, bought us all
a drink. Nice guy. Also happens to be the D.A. in the
neighboring county. Excellent. There goes not driving
drunk. Well that was supposed to be some kind of wit. I
hope I don't drive drunk too much. Only problem with
country living is going "out" doesn't leave you much choice.
So, Julia my psuedo lesbian friend says she's not mad at me
anymore. I don't know why she ever was. I mean I know I had
sex with Mimi, but Christ, how was I supposed to know she
liked Mimi. She tells me that I'm being "unjust"
and "disrespectful" to her(Julia not mimi). I just didn't
know what the hell she was talking about. In fact I didn't
know what the hell her whole email was about. Suddenly this
ball of anger explodes from really nowhere. I reply. She
apologizes. Maybe she's just slightly immature.
So, tomorrow. Drive downtown a bit. Meet up with Blake and
Serge. Gotta stop all this early night partying. Sounds
weird. But I wake up much too early. Of course, I had no
idea I'd get blasted at the bar. Freaking stacey nearly
locking me in her car. I had to climb out of the driver's
door. Man when she get's drunk she really gets possessive.
Very cool though. So cute and just fucked up enough for me
to be attracted to her. The eternal struggle. "Josh, you
know this isn't good for you...so GO for it!" My backwards