Another Pathetic Atempt
2001-12-08 08:29:03 (UTC)

According to Me...


im in a very music-ish mood today. love it love it love it!!!
here are the top-15 bands according to me, im sure you care.

2 nickelback
3 three doors down
4 alanis morissette (girl power!)
5 sheryl crow
6 nirvana
7 metallica
8 Dave Mathews
9 Pearl Jam
10 Vertical Horizon (osm name)
11 Staind
12 GooGooDolls
13 MatchBox 20
14 Dixie Chicks
15 Counting Crows

im saving my money now for a bass guitar. i have like... oh.. 20
bucks so far. ill just get a cheap one, im not serious about it. its
just fun. i want to learn every instrument!! hehe. well, i need to go
and play my guitar. i havent for a while.