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2001-12-08 08:25:20 (UTC)

Lipo, massagers and perverted roommates

Well I'm at my brother's house watching the rugrats(my nice
and 2 nephews)Gotta lov'em though. My brother dropped them
off at my work about 20 minutes before I got off and it was
very entertaining. Anyway let me update you(whoever that
may be)on my lifes haps. I went for the lipo consultation
and my surgery is scheduled for the 21st of this month. My
mom doesn't know yet but I'll have to tell her. I'm sure
she'll freak out. I'm not really nervous about it but more
excited and anxious than anything else. Wish I could get it
done sooner. But it's good cuz I'll have 5 days off to
rest. My friend Natalie is gonna spend the first night with
me since someone has to be ther...apparently I will be out
of it. So I should be a size 6 in no time flat.Woo hoo.The
hardest part is that I can't smoke a week before or after
the surgery...I figure If I can do that than I can quit
permanently.I am so happy being single right now...I like
doing things for myelf for a change. I went and got a
makeover at Nordstrom's today form Chanel(and of course
spent lots of $ on make-up...BK)but damn I looked good when
I walked out of that place...I was hoping I wouldn't be
suckered into babysitting but I love these kids so it's not
a horrible thing by any means. Well I just got IM'ed by
Kurt...the guy who flew down form OK that I met online last
year...we still talk..he lives in Riverside now..He's too
old and we just don't have much in common. I'm sure I've
wrote about him before in here...well shit I guess it
wasn't that long concept of time is all fucked up
so deal with it! So like I was saying, I am actually
enjoying not having anyone to answer to. I do miss being
held by Jason more than anything but I know I'm better off
without him..he called me yesterday out of the blue and my
heart sunk into my chest when I heard his voice..natural
reaction.He said he just needed a phone number(my friend
lives with his ex-coworker/friend)I gave him the number and
said goodbye..he still sounded sad but he fucked it up so
what can ya do. My roommate has been making wayyyy to many
sexual innuendos lately and it's getting rather
irritating...If anyone has advice please let me know...He
is trying to get back with his ex..who is a little on the
immature side but a few years younger and generally a good
person...She's beautiful and it's sickening! I bought her a
gold navel ring for Christmas since she's allergic to all
other metals apparently(hey I need to use that one..hmmmm)
Well most of my Christmas shoppoing is done..Everyone is
getting great gifts thanks to Bankruptcy but at the expense
of my (guilty)conscience. I hope everything works
out...Anyway I don't want to think about that right
now...cross that bridge when I come to anyways I
haven't really felt like sex since the guy I met at Montage
last month and I think it's due to my prescriptions but
it's probably for the best(oh yeah and I don't have tested..woo hoo...)I'll never have unsafe sex
again!!! So what I was saying was low sex drive...but my
roommate gave me his back massager...the kind that plug
into the wall..and told me it feels really good on your
back and neck...somehow I think he just knew what I'd use
it for..Well the last couple of nights I've been taking
baths and slathering lotion everywhere and doing my nails
and all-around pampering and then getting into bed using
the massager on my feet, arms legs, neck,...and you guessed
it...It was too tempting..wasn't even in the mood the first
time but it got me there real quick then I realized I also
fall asleep faster after doing the big M.
So I don't know what I'm gonna do this weekend but I hope
my Sunday evening is not shit again like it has been...I
can't figure out why I'm fine all weekend and week(although
I hate my job and have 2 interviews this week)I get
depressed on Sunday night? Something to ponder over...well
I am getting very tired and don't know if I'm even making
sense anymore.Night