Sporty Tomboy

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2001-12-08 06:10:00 (UTC)

Cuz I never said that everything would be ok and i never said that we would live to see another day

Andrew James Sturdivant=THE ULTIMATE SHASTA!
awww i love that name soooo much its the bestest :) hey
yelhsas gunna get shot in three hours cuz we trashed the
house and guess what her parents have to come down sometime
hey guess whats going on over here "watchin sex in teh city
wile my bro sum where in victor is watchin teletubbies on
rerun sayin o tinky winky u are so sexy i wana ughh u lol
im the best sister arent i :-D" yes yelhsa's brother get
seduced by teletubbies and jacks off to the show. he gets
so ooooo ahhh ooo baby gimme more shake that teletubbie
booty ooo yah just like that gimme the gay purple one HES
LOVES teletubbies. He wants to get ass from them. How
delightful! yelhsa says "hey its not his falut he is in luv with
teletubies now i know who he was buyin that bra for" and i am having
sex in the city while yelhsa watches. WE ARE RAIDING HER HOUSE FOR
POTATO CHIPS! i want foooood mmm i shoved cookies in my mouth and
came in headbanging but she knewed she was like whats in your mouth
and i gave my usual answer men... and its like it CRUMBLES
IN YOUR MOUTH! mmm cookies are good :) i like good
charlotte we are headbanging and doing movies with their
songs. thanx jake for showing me this cd awhile ago. loved
em ever since :) and laa punk music rox! okay well yelhsa
is telling me to stop hooching and shaking my booty!
hahahah omg i been laughing too hard tonite. geezzzz okay
well i am going to go to shove my face with more food and
run around and trash her house hahah and headbang and dance
to good music and bounce up and down and mosh cuz it is
fun. well i must go but i thought id talk here before i
check out some sex in the city ;) and yelhsa your awesome!
teletubbies rock!! your brother is a little toooo obsessed
with them hahahah! LYLAS! oh yah oh yes oh baby oh baby.
your brother needs to stop with the teletubbies!!

Dru I love you so much!!!!!!! my life is so complete with
you by my side and knowing your always going to be here for
me makes living all the more great :)
*huggies* to all my friends i love :) you all mean the
world to me!

***Libbalicious Licky Libby is goneeeeee