Evil, Ecstasy, and the Enemy (a diary)
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2001-12-08 05:32:58 (UTC)


I have not written since August! (Bad Maddie)
Ok, here's my problem with homeschoolers: They ALL think
they are geniuses.

I mean they're all "How much is infinity?" and I'm
all "Isn't it an eight, like in that cartoon on schoolhouse
rock?" and they're all "No, its the space-time continum of
Doohickey Jones which makes it -13.12"

But then school kids are all " I thought Infinity was a
rapper in 1993."

I'm Makin my OWN school. The School of "For God Sakes Get A
I will teach valuable lessons such as:

"If you are being chased by a crazy guy with a weapon stick
with the black chik."

"Homeschooling: Higher IQ's or just Higher pants?"

"When to shut up to avoid getting a black eye."

"Boys Don't Wear Fanny Packs: gender and fashion dicovery"

"NEVER let the scary midget security gaurd find the midol
in your locker"

"The Dog Ate My Pot!:Can water make you high?"

"E-mail ettiquitte: What the hell did you mean by that!?"

and last but not least: "Harry Potter: Why reading at a
fourth grade level can be fun."

The important thing is not to live up to the expectations
of society, but to live up to MY expectations, as I will
someday rule the world!
"Maddie! Raising the world's inteligence standards to
slightly higher then a 2$ hampster!"
Maddie laddie lassie the dog.........NO! WAIT!!!!!!