Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2001-12-08 05:06:12 (UTC)

Derogatory Expatiations ...

Warning! Not for the faint of heart...


I forget what the function of a Laplacian does.
I forgot what stoke's and green's theorems were all
about, too.
Gauss was ingenious in using his bubble to describe field
Maxwell's discoveries of the electromagnetic field led
Einstein to his discovery of relativity.
General Relativity doesn't work on a small scale.
At a specific temperature, 3 of the 4 forces unite into
one single force, with only gravity being the one left out.
String theory looks promising as the theory that explains
all the forces, but its solutions are infinite. There is
only one solution that would fit our universe exactly, but
no one knows how to arrive at the answer.
High Tc superconductors would revolutionize the power
True optical computing would revolutionize the computing
industry. (Quantum dots?)
This country is soooooo dependent on its economy, or I am
merely just being misled by the media.
Physics professors are cool!
Math equations that take up two and a half walls of
expressions are cool!
The universe unraveled spontaneously? But what came
before it? For some reason I think time does not exist
outside our is a property OF the universe, of
its spatial extent.
Does consciousness arise from our brains ability to
process information from many levels?
What exactly are the implications of the turmoil of
quantum energy fluctuations?
We are ultimately the children of the universe.
Our existence is a miracle. But could there still be
others out there?
Why does logic prove and disprove? Is everything a _yes_
or a _no_?
Why do we have to heap such overly complicated social
organization to our existence? Is it really overly
Just how much does the media influence our perceptions?
The media sucks, they are only for profit, for money, for
wealth, and in this world, wealth is power, and power is
What is this psychological need for creativity??? Why is
it fun for me to imbibe huge amounts of caffeine and drive
along a beach at night? Why must I create? Why must I

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