Matt Skiba's offiCiaL GrouPiE
2001-12-08 04:39:34 (UTC)


I'm beginning to hate families... me and stefan have been
WAITING and WAITING for him mum to get home so he can ask
her if its ok for me to come over kinda early-ish
tomorrow.. she hasnt told him where the hell she is, so he
has NO IDEA when she's due home. and so she comes home for
like a SECOND, NOONE TELLS HIM, and by the time he finds
out she was home, she has left again! GRRRRR so this is 3
weeks in a row i cant fucking see him, and on top of that,
it's out one-month sunday! i've never made one month
before, so i think i should be able to fucking see him..
GAH this is such bullshit! and his parents are tellin him
we should break up cos of some reason or another, that is
shit too.. why cant parents understand that their children

so robin cant do anything AGAIN.. i'm kinda getting sick of
her making plans with me and then deciding she cant do

yea so scratch mosta that. he called finally, and we have
plans and that and that. i guess im meeting him at
Michael's where my sista works, and then they's gonna take
me to his house, and then eitehr she picks me up later and
takes me home, or she picks us both up and we do something
nifty.. *breathes* WHY IS LIFE SO DIFFICULT ?!?!?!

oy.. anyway thats about all for now, BYE :|