My Thoughts
2001-12-08 04:39:12 (UTC)

So sleepy....

Well 3 exams down and two to go. Spanish is coming in, oh,
7 hours. I don't fell prepared but I aced the tests so
we'll see. Shannon says the calc exam is hard. Great just
what I wanted to hear. I don't even care anymore. Yeah I
do, who am I kidding. Everyone knows I will be up straight
through the next two days doing everything I can to do well
on the exam. I have made Calculus something like my
personal goal...some people work to climb mountains and
save starving children or search for a cure for cancer, but
right now I am determined to get through the stupid class.
I am stubborn like that. But, it has been a bad day...a bad
week...ughhh. Monday is almost here. I think I am going to
sleep now. Sleeping makes me feel lazy. I don't do it a
lot. I feel I need only 4 or 5 hours to function every day.
Yeah I know that it is not healthy (thanks Bradley) but I
still do it. Anyways, I am going to try and sleep now,
hopefully, so buenos noches amigos.