My Life.............
2001-12-08 04:23:24 (UTC)

I visited with my brother all..

I visited with my brother all day, the doctor cam and told
us he has an infection in his heart, it is affecting his
valve, its eating it away, so they are giving him
antibiotics, it will take at least 8 weeks, and that should
make him better, he could have died.:( and when he is about
40 or 50 he will need that valve replaced, we all started
crying when the doctor told us that, i cant stand it that
my little brother is up in that hospital bed feeling so
bad.:( i wish i could take his pain away.......
no one said anything about the spot on his liver, so we
are in the dark about that.:( im going back up tomorrow to
stay with, i hope he comes home soon... he cant keep
anything down, so, they will probably keep him till he can
at least eat something.....

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