A Dream Gurlz Life
2001-12-08 04:05:10 (UTC)

fun day but long week

Well this week has been kind of long. My friend Kevin saw
me a few weeks ago and realized that he likes me again and
alot. I feel so bad. He asked me out and i said i didnt
want a boyfriend but we still talked and crap. Then he
asked me out again the other night through an email and he
called me the following day. And asked me if it was a no
for now and I said yes and I'm pretty sure that he started
crying on the phone. Omg did i Feel so bad. I cant help it.
He wrote me a poem and this is what it said:
What do you do,when they dont understand,
when you give them your soul.
when u hold out your hand.
when you poor out your heart
,when your care enough to cry,
and then they say no
.and it makes you want to die.
so what do you do when it is never fair
, when all you have left..
is the great smell of her hair.
Ill tell you what to do
,you try and move on
.because its never is fair.
.to hurt for soo long.
so you need to say goodbye..
to the one u care of,
you need to say goodbye
to the one girl that you love.
Ahhh now what am i supposed to say to that? lol I feel so
bad cuz hes like really depressed about it. I dont know
today after school though me and 7 of my friends
*lindseyk, sab, carey, cole, shelle, maria, rima* got
picked up from school in a Limo! yeah cuz monday is
maria's 16th birthdya. So her parents had a limo pick us
up, then we went to kohls and then the movies, *oceans 11
good movie!* and then we went to Damon's for dinner. we had
so much fun! Her parents paid for all of it. We had so
mcuh fuN
And sunday is nick's birthday. Tomorrow hes having
a party and he really wants me to come. So i told him if i
did itd be around 9-930 and he said thatd be fine. He told
me his parents love me and they've been asking about me so
he really wants me to come lol. I sent him one of my recent
pix that all the guys like and hes like omg you are so
fine! lol hes like you come to my party and i'll be all
over you lol yeah right, I kind of miss nick and i kind of
wish we could get back together but i dont know. Hes gonig
to see about coming over my house sunday and then going to
church w/us. Oh I dont knw. lol but i'm ging to go for now
cuz i'm freezing bye ybe