DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
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2001-12-08 04:03:02 (UTC)


n if i wuz wrong i kno i dunt deserve dis dunt stay2long i
need 2hear dose words u use to tell me from waybak when we
were jus friends b4 dis luvaffair began tellme how i luvu
wins or how a brokenheart can mend jus tell me dis is not
da end plz tell me dat part again now tellme wats wrong i
neva ment2hurt u no baby was it dahome dacar or darlin
alldose fins we thought we needed tellme even is it aint
tru but babiplz dunt sey we'r thru tellme how ilubu wins or
how a brokenheart can mend jus tellme dis is not da end plz
tellme now how da fairytale begins or how its suppose2end
plz tellme datpart again iwanna kno dat feelen dats from
waybak a timewhen it wastru datluv was sweet n innocent
when u n i could stillb friends make all da wrong b rite
again where truluv neva has2end
Folíonn grá gráin
when a man hits his daughter a burden is passed of regrets..