im dead 2 this world

leave me the fuk alone
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2001-12-08 03:43:52 (UTC)

tears rolling down my cheeks

i cant stop the tears i once tried 2 be strong but i caved
in my dog had a second ceisure thsi dog means everyhting 2
me sounds stupid but she fuckn does my whoe llife ie had
her and 2morro i wil be all alone iwth her until 12 alot
cna hapen in thsoe few hours wat if something happens omg
wat teh fuk wuld i do wat culd i do i cant help but look at
her every 2 minutes now im so scraed im walking on
eggshells and tehy r all cracking i cnat take this i have
way 2 much on my head once somehting goes god everything
else fukn turns 2 shit im so helpless in this world so
helpless in everything i cant cry i cant i need 2 be strong
i cnat let ne1 know i cry i cnat i cant pretend nemore i
just cant

-rolling off my face 1 by 1 tehy form a puddle
it gets stepped upon profusely will i ever be filled again-