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2001-12-08 03:07:42 (UTC)

i sucked tonite!

we had another bball game tonite. we played byron and
they've always beat us by like 20 points. we were ahead for
a long time. we ended up losing tho. i played like a minute
and a half. it sucked really bad. it was really sad cuz in
the last game i played A LOT!!!! oh well, we have a
tournament tomorrow and i really hope that i get to play
then. we had our band concert last night. i did pretty good.
my family stood up and started waving and stuff right after
we walked in. it was really embarassing. i had kind of a
solo thingy. i messed up, but nobody could tell....SHHH!
erica did too, i think. so i'm not the only one. after the
concert krystal went w/ my mom to the art show. i stayed and
talked to shelby and devin. i didn't know that he was
comin....that was cool. i hung out with them until i had to
go home. i had a lot of fun! emily got her braces off
yesterday. she looks so good! i really wish that i coulda
gone to the boys varsity bball game. cuz then i woulda been
able to see emily, michelle, and cali perform all in one
night! i really want to see them perform. oh well, that's
over now. i'm pretty sure that i get to go to shelby's next
friday! i'm so excited! i've finally started to do more
things with my friends lately! not much, but it's more than
i used to. so that's good. i really need to go to bed cuz we
hafta be at the school at like 7:15....early!!! g'night all!

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