UCLA Bear Chasing
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2001-12-08 03:07:36 (UTC)

Titular Explanation

Friday, December 7th, 2001 CE 6:28PM

Playlist: Tarkan - Simarik
Cardigans - My Favourite Game
Eels - Novocaine for the Soul
Madonna - Dress You Up

I like bears: big hairy men usually with facial hair. I
have been attracted to this specific type of male since
puberty socked me in the face some eight or nine years ago.
I think it's befitting that a pisces should like bears.
They're notorious fishers hahaha. Oh but if I were only a
poor helpless prey as such... }:o)

Anyway...So I've been grappling with this little fetish of
mine for quite some time--first an internal battle at a
younger age, and then slowly coming to accept it. Now I
find myself afraid to tell my close friends and family that
my type is often a white, dark-haired, overweight, hairy
guy often twice my age or older. Kinda difficult to pass on
to my mother that I'm dating someone who's 32 or 36 or 40
when I'm 18. Difficult to explain to my friends as well,
even though I know "deep down" that they'd accept it.

I guess I have begun to tell them. My best friend knows
I've got a bear fetish, but he hasn't seen it in action
yet. Most people know I like older hairy guys. I guess they
just don't know that I happen to like them to be heavy...I
should probably just get over it and myself and not make it
such a big deal. Someone said that things cause a commotion
directly proportionate to how gravely one presents them, in
these kinds of cases. I think that holds true. Maybe if I
present it in a casual way, or just introduce the guys I
date without any kind of grand explanation of myself and my
thought patterns, my friends will just get it. Discuss
later. That kind of thing.

Who knows? Maybe they won't notice that he weighs over
300lbs. :) hahaha!

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