Valkyrie of Velois

The Days of Deaths
2001-12-08 03:06:00 (UTC)

You all deserve to die right now...

Today I hate everyone; except for my crush of coarse...But I
wish that my teachers my "friends" my sister, my mother, my
father and all would just do me the favor of dieing and
going to that nice warm place reserved for them in hell.
May there torture start soon. But mine will start sooner.
I will kill myself before they will die. I know it is
undeniable. I will die And it will not be pretty. My
teachers think I am stupid. They ask "Ordaca, what is one
plus one?" Anbd to humor them in the sate of mind that I am
so dumb that I do not know that I say "Ij do not know...."
Then that gives them the right to bore me to death all the
time. They think I am stupid.
"Never turn away from your dead enemy. They might not be
dead and they will rise again and stab you in the back to
kill you. Then your life will end due to you not putting
poison on your dagger or due to the fact that you did not
stab them one more time."


I want dark and heavy music right now....