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2001-12-08 03:05:11 (UTC)


Well, I leave for college in four days less than a
month...yep.January 4th, ya'lls will be rid of me. I leave
to be welcomed by immense heaps of homework. My frist day
of college, I have a two hour writing assessment...happy
orientation, 'ey? Next day I have a2 hour math
assessment.They're all ready putting me into Cal3, but I
have to take the assessment for their 'records'. Bah on
the records and gimmie some time to unpack.

Christmas is coming. I'm excited. I adore packed malls,
the smells of the season,getting things, buying things for
others. It all is great to me. I just wish it were a week
later than what it was.I mean, could mary not have held in
Jesus until pay-day? -snicker- j/k,of course.