sex kitten

life of a porn star
2001-12-08 02:46:05 (UTC)

i have a cramp

well i am a very torn person today. i talked o jared for
awhile. i realy still care abot him. but its a frustrating
yet calmlove. i wish i could tell him the wy i feel just so
h coul know and mabey apreciate it. so ne ways i have n
unsexual love for him yet i m sexually frustrated. i guess
i could take it out on greg but i dunno. the other day had
no intentions of nethng with him but he is all over me
everytime i see hm. i really just need a te place and
person so that i can just let it all out. i still miss matt
and tom sexually. they were good. i felt confortable just
making outwith matt it was weirdit was all i needed. and
when i was with tom i could be comfortable in his room
doing ne thing and not feel dirty. it would be os weird if
i had he oportunity togt with matt again. now that i dont
have as much inibition i would totally sleep with him. the
first tim ei ever met him i thought to yself ihave to have
sex with this guy. well that was a year and a half ago and
i stand by my pact lol. i wonder if he is still a virgin.
everytime i am onlne or on the phone with greg i want to
getll sexuall with himbut i dont bc i dnt want to lead him
on bc then will see him and hewill think it is ok to get
it onwit me. but iam terribly horney. uh!!!