i guess this is what u want to read..
2001-12-08 02:44:32 (UTC)

booty drop?

today i woke up knowing that we only had a half day. hahah
it was great!! it was a good short school day for me! haha
i came home..then like maybe an hour later i went outside
skating with my dawg cody..(my homefires)...haha ne
way..then i came on the internet and talked to my
friends..then emilu came over and we went to the berkshire
mall and i got made fun of my these really nasty guys in
the calender store..haha it was kinda rude but funny!..they
were calling me the name i hate a lot..but hey they are
going to hell so im happy!..hah!..now im talking to my
friends on the net again..and who knows what im doing
later..bye bye for now...

feeling: hyper??