Joshin Jane

2001-12-08 02:32:33 (UTC)

hooray for boobies

i feel perfectly content now but just for future reference,
for when i feel like shit and you don't know what to do
with me, i'm pulling a quote (pullquote...hahah....lawrence
knee-slapper) from a certain editor-in-chief.
"i dont mind being depressed sometimes, because it gives me
a range of emotions and thoughts and feelings that other
people dont have, and it makes me feel like a deeper
person. it lets me feel like i can see right through
is that me?
is that where my poetry and my art and my tears come from,
so i can feel better than other people?
it makes perfect sense.
it's my natural competitive drive to be the most complex
and have the most colorful and unusual emotions.
what am i, a rainbow? ::sarcasm::
we'll come back to this idea, i'm not done with you yet.