Nothing but drama....
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2001-12-08 02:29:47 (UTC)

Friday - 3

UUUUGGGGHHHH!!!! thats all I have to say. Tonight is going
to be quite interesting, as well as tomorrow. Damn he
pisses me off...Not hiding anything, dont get defensive ok?!
Am I wrong, maybe? And if I am so what! No reason to blow
up in my face, and blame me for rescheduling your precious
appointment with the dentist...:o( My fault.."You (I) knew
when my appointment was".....Yeah thats right. I
deliberately scheduled my nail appointment so that you in
turn can cancel your appointment. Yup that was my plan
Damien. God help me. Hold me back, and keep my tongue tied.
PS....he was "sooooo" mad, he took off. Give me a break.

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