The Sexy Blonde
2001-12-08 02:28:43 (UTC)


Hello everyone, good evening. Whats going on with y'all
nothing much here, still worried. Test or no test, positive
or negative. I still have not gotten my period. Thats some
shit. I'm worried and so is my boyfriend.

Every weekend he picks me up and I spend the weekend
over at his house. Not this weekend. I decided I needed
some space to myself. Even though we were just going to the
movies tonight and he drop me back off at my house.

He told me he forgot about going out tonight and that
his lower back hurt, and he had been working all day and he
is tired. So I told him that was fine.

Tomorrow he wants me to come to a party to a shop
with him, and I'm definately not going. I don't know
anybody there, and I just need a break. So I'm taking a

Theres so much presure, I'm just not in the mood to do
shit. I feel sick all the time, and I crave pickles and
peanuts all the frickin time. Theres no stopping it.

If theres anybody out there reading my entry right now,
could you tell me if you come to my diary frequently...like
I have you hooked on reading my diary? Just asking if my
readers could do that. I have gotten many notes lately, so
please if you would!! Thank a bunch!

I think I'm going to go now, I have other diaries to
catch up on! Laters~*

~*Love me Love you*~

*~ Jessica ~*