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2001-12-08 02:22:03 (UTC)


Friday, December 7th, 2001 C.E. 5:58PM

Playlist: Darius Milhaud - Scaramouche - Brazileira
Ani DiFranco - Angry Anymore
UNKLE - Rabbit in Your Headlights
Disney's Alladin - One Jump Ahead

So this is my first little experience typing my thoughts
into little electronic impulses that zoom around but seem
oh-so-static. I used to read a really awesome columnist in
_Punk Planet_ back in the day (when they had black & white
covers, big debate on that one) who used to say we
should "blame it on the atoms." I guess now I can divide it
all even more and say, "blame it on the photons." Or liquid
crystals, if you have a flatscreen monitor. In any case,
here I am, plasma, photon, a bag of atoms trying to
organize the lightning flashing about in his head, speaking
of himself currently in the third person :)

I can't quite say what possesed me to do this journal
electronic. I used to write (with pen and paper) a journal
back when I was a pseudo-goth arrogant intellectual,
because it was my therapy. I couldn't bring myself to write
another journal once I began to figure myself out, because
I didn't use that journal correctly.

I lied.

A really stupid thing to do in one's own personal journal.
I guess it was a testament to my being dishonest with
myself. But, as it brought me to who I am today, I don't
mind having done it at all. Now I realize that preventing
myself from writing a journal under the assumption that it
would cause me to lie to myself again was putting the cart
before the horse. The fallacies of logic I justify in my

"that's why pencils have erasers" or whatever :oP hahaha

So that's it for now...tchau!

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