Crazy Thoughts
2001-12-08 01:10:07 (UTC)

da l da i da l da p

This week was so long and I'm so happy it's over! I'm happy
for Nelly who is now having a wonderful day, I'm happy for
Adam since Nelly is happy, I'm happy that I get to talk to
Wesley tonight, oh jeeze! I'm just happy!
I'm so tired and it's only 8-I don't wanna go to bed
because Wesley and Adam are gonna get on sometime soon and
I really don't wanna miss them. I probably won't go get
paint for my room until tomorrow afternoon anyhow, and I'm
doing my christmas shopping tomorrow as well! And I'll get
another card so I can call Wes! I hope I get to talk to him
tonight on the phone because Adam owes me a call and Wesley
is gonna be over at Adam's and yea...I'm excited!
I really have nothing more to type guys! Bye
lil p