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The Book of Nod
2001-12-08 00:16:08 (UTC)

12/07/01 16:01

Wow this is the first entry that I've done during what
would be considered normal hours. Its also the first
one I've done in a good mood. Well as good a mood
as I get in. I met this cool girl firedancing. Her name it
Katherine and she is amazing. You know sometimes I
wonder if i set myself up to be miserable. I convince
myself that someone is so cool and I cant live without
them only to find out that they really arent all that cool
and I can live without them. Oh well I think this time I
can deal with the feelings. I hope. Anyway I went over
to Jess/Dan/Chris/Julz/Lara/Dan's house (hereafter
JDJDCL's house) and Jess helpes me edit my english
paper which i have to turn in in about 45 minutes. Its
about Fight Club (man I love that movie and book) and
how the book is a warning against conformity. I had to
relate it to this feminist dyke chicano bitch named
Gloria Anzaldúa and that made the paper pretty much
suck ass but oh well. My chem TA is giving me a
chance to make up the homework i missed so that
hella cool. I dont know what to do about math but i think
i will ask marike about it. It certainly cant hurt. I dont
think. Probably going to the L5R tourney tonight. Maybe
i can borrow some cards or a deck. I just need to figure
out which bus to take and where to get off. Something
about a pizza place and a bank i figure i cant fuck it up
that much. Oh well off to hand in my essay to my
english teacher.
On a different note. I am starting to pick up HTML i
wonder if it works in this form
text text text

oh well lets find out