Days in Confusion
2001-04-02 21:49:52 (UTC)

Today I ended up sleeping till..

Today I ended up sleeping till my sister got home which was
a bitch because I hate putting up with her and I can barely
wait until I am 18 so I can get the hell out of here. The
entire time she was home all she did was bitch at me for
one thing or another and my mom takes her side on
every little thing. She is very VERY spoiled and Personally
there isnt one day that goes by that I dont seriously
consider some drastic measures. On a happier note I might
be getting a phone call from my friend that I havent been
able to talk to for about a week...which is pretty cool. Im
not really much for typing unless I get really pissed at my
mom or my sister....thats about the only time I can really
let anything out. Lately I've been thinking about some
things that other people say I shouldnt even be worrying
about at my age but my worries are pretty much all I have
left right now. Some people think I am weird because Most
of the time I think very differently from others. I am
thinking about putting a quote at the end of each of my
entries.....What do you think?

Well heres one that I made up

"If life is a chocolate bar then that must be what is
making me sick" :-D ok ok so I seem a bit depressing...Its
not like I intended on being like this....I use to go to
group psychology but the one Woman who led the group moved
so we dont have it anymore....I did alot better in
group....I think id be much better on pills or