Blood and Chocolate
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2001-12-07 22:34:42 (UTC)

you think your tuff ...??lets see how tuff you really are!

Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here! wow today has been totally EMO ! Holy
monkey ! Spin MONKEY !!! haha ! anyways ok i was hyper
this morning to blow off some steam ! and then in gym
class and this one guy (evil green) grabbed my chest! well
my friend eric yelled at evil green and then evil green
threw the basketball at his head !!!!! and so then evil
green started shoving eric and i was so pissed off !!!!!
and so i yell at him to stop and he turns and calls me a
bitch and then he turns back and starts shoving eric ! well
i get really upset !!!!!! and so I run full speed (evil
greens back is to me ) and I shove him into the bleachers!
He gets up and turns around totally suprised ! and
goes 'you' and i was like yea smart one damn straight its
me! and then i was like 'hm you think your so tuff lets see
how tuff you really are ! ' mean while i am pushing him
around the gym ! and he can barely walk and i was like 'so
you didn't think anyone would have the guts to come and
face up to you huh ? well you were wrong ! geez you were
really wrong! ' and i was pushing him around the gym and
yelling at him ! and then his friend/side kick (red evil)
pulls me away from him and starts messin with me and was
all up in my face! and so i took care of him and that green
evil guy ! lol ! it was super funny ! oh one quick thing I GOT
KICKED OFF THE BUS FOR A WEEK !!!!!!! yea if you want to know the
details hit me back ! anyways tonights Dark Angel was so awesome !
omg it was so good ! :)! love that show! well I had to sing to night
at a temple which was so cool cause I am half jewish so I know how to
read and speak hebrew and all this other stuff ! so everyone else in
my choir was totally like confused and i was all speaking and singin
and reading the stuff in hebrew it was so funny ! I swear all
religous guys are shy ! LOL KT, Morgan!! I have gotta get some sleep !
I will write later!
luv ya
Nelly !