Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2001-12-07 22:32:26 (UTC)

Time to move on

Well today I sent zack one last email. Just asking him why
he suddenly decided that he didn't love me anymore. And
hopefully, I can try and get over him, so that we can maybe
sometime soon be friends, and I can find someone who
actually does mean it when they tell me that they love me.
But I know that every time I see a Code Red Moutain Dew or
a Lemon Drop or a basketball or a Ping Pong table or anyone
wearing Liz Claiborne Sport cologne, that I will think of
him. Oh well, I think it's about time that Kelly learns
people won't always tell her the truth and that she can't
open up her heart to everyone right away. So all you who
read this, watch out for me and if I start to do it again,
write me feedback bitching at me.

Well I guess that things with my friends are kind of
getting a little bit back to normal. Mandy and Sam and
Julianne~Well I know that they are still my friends...which
is good cuz I love em! Kara and Becca~ Well I mean nothing
is ever going wrong between us! Heath~well, I'm not sure at
the moment, but I guess hopefully sooner than later things
will be back to normal. I hope cuz I love her too she is
always there for me. All of you guys are and I love you! I
wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you!

And I'm sorry because I have realized now that even though
you guys are always there for me, I need to start stopping
worrying about myself so much, and opening up my eyes that
you guys need me too. Well I hope.....and I will always be
here for all of you guys! I'm really sorry!