I am a goddess
2001-12-07 21:48:08 (UTC)


first things first. I have a xmas perty coming up on the
18th and i need to lose some weight. So i take it im 3 day
dieting again. Eurghhh i hate doing that. But its
desperation. Its been a complete failure of my diet which
was supposed to get me thin for my birthday.
second thing
Aaron gave me such a look today. It was when this song came
on about love. I caught him looking at me and he went shy
and looked away. I didnt imagine that. I know i didnt.
Spent 5 hours on my final project today. 5 HOURS!!!!! So
basically it was me, rebecca, aaron and gary in the art
room all day. It was quite a laff today. I had fun.

went xmas shopping today spent quite a bit of money. about
£40. nt very good economy. Well it is xmas the time for
loving and giving not worrying about bank balance.