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2001-12-07 21:32:05 (UTC)


So it's finally FRIDAY, how exciting!!!!!! Although mine
isn't really all that promising. I got up at 7:45 got
ready for the day went to breakfast with Elizabeth, Traci
and Chad and then skipped off to work...I got to work at
9:00am and actually worked for about 1.5 hours. Then I
took a break and wrote/read some emails. Went back to work
for about an hour and then my boss left, what did i
do, what do you think I did I work with a bunch of boys,
hehehe. Of course, I flirted with them all and wasted some
time:) One of the hotties had his jacket off so I sent him
a fun email. Aparently he thought my email was perverted
because he came and told me so, but it did amuse him which
was the point, haha. You wish you knew what i wrote....

Anyhow then I did Chemisty homework from 1:00-2:00, talked
to ELizabeth a lil and then went to a meeting with Rachel.
At the meeting we got a huge ass application to Study
Abraod in Italy. No wonder not that many people do it, I
mean it's freakin huge. Well after that exciting meeting I
came back to my favorite seat and started my music project,
which i will continue with now because my break is over,